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A Shameless Apple plug

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shameless Apple plug

shameless Apple plug

I’m an Apple fanboy, but that’s not what this post is about. I’m talking about the power plugs that come with our favorite devices – Mac laptops. This is a Shameless Apple plug.

A Shameless Apple Plug

A Shameless Apple plug is my surprising discovery about the third plug in the 2-wire cord to power my Apple MacBook laptop. Have you ever had the dilemma of trying to plug in your laptop with a three-prong plug into a wall outlet without a grounding connection? I have run into this a number of times and I finally have a definitive answer for it.

I was pondering this issue recently when I moved into an apartment that had upgraded the outlets in the livingroom, but not the bedroom. Huh? Right. I began playing with the plug in my hand idly when the ground prong fell out of the plug and into my hand. Just like that. What a Shameless Apple plug.

Shameless Apple plug

Literally A Shameless Apple Plug

Then it became obvious. There wasn’t a wire in the cord to support this appendage in the plug. It was there for appearance. To give us a false sense of security or safety, or something. It wasn’t there to ground our machines.

Think about it. My MacBook has a plastic case. The wire into my ‘puter has two wires, the transformer in the middle of the cord is plastic, and the cord to shameless Apple plug also has two wires. There isn’t a way to ground my laptop at all. OK. So if you have had a good laugh and you want your own Shameless Apple Plug, you can visit the Apple Store.

For the Apple Store follow this link. Of course, there are other sources for power cords for your laptop. You can choose your own source.

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