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Email Without Ads on Yahoo! Free

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7-18-2014 Update: I have just recently changed servers, moved my site to Managed WordPress, added an SSL certificate, and upgraded my email servers. When I checked this post, the images weren’t showing up, so I made new screen shots. I also changed the URLs slightly to reflect current links at Yahoo. Otherwise, I have left the post as it was written. Everything in this post is accurate.

Like millions of people, I visit Yahoo’s watering hole for my email regularly. Unlike most other people, I don’t see any ads there. How do I get email without ads on Yahoo? I created a way to get Yahoo email without ads. How? Easy. You can, too. Read on. It’s free.

Email Without Ads For Free

The days when Yahoo had email without ads are long gone. At least for the larger screens. Most major sites are still grappling with the smaller screens. These devices like the iPads, iPhones, and smart phones, make advertising more challenging. Email without ads there is relatively common because the screens are so small. The other reason we get email without ads on mobiles, is because the technology is different. How does that affect your desktop computer? It does. Read on.

Provide Value

If I like a service, product, or just have a good tip for you, I say it. I’ve been on both sides of the marketing fence. I make my living from affiliate links of one kind or another. So, how do I reconcile these? My philosophy is about providing value. This is email without ads, or almost none. When I do run ads, they are specific and relevant. Not everything has to generate a profit or return on your investment.

The URL Yahoo wants you to use for your inbox is this: Email Without Ads on Yahoo before the change

Email Without Ads is Easy

Getting your email without ads is quick, easy, uses the account you already have at Yahoo, and does not require any coding. In fact, it is almost too simple. Someone else must have thought of this, but I’m creative. I like to think I invented this. Here is how I get email without ads at Yahoo. By sharing it with you here, I will degrade my own experience because Yahoo marketers will get smarter, but here goes:

The URL I use for getting my mail is this: Email Without Ads on Yahoo after the change

What’s the difference? The url for the desktop page begins: The url for the mobile page begins: The latter one is their link for MOBILE devices. (For mail, you will need to click the mail icon in the upper right corner.) Most of the time you get email without ads. At worst, one ad at the bottom of the page. The mobile link is cookie driven, so you will probably need to enter this in your iPhone, then click the “share” button in the bottom center of the window, and email the link to yourself. Open your browser on your desktop computer and click that link.

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